We manage risk

We help clients navigate the complex risks in running a modern day healthcare business by putting in place risk management strategies and the right insurance program to protect their assets, liabilities and reputation.

Our clients include
  • Medical and healthcare practitioners
  • GP practices and Superclinics
  • Specialist clinics
  • Day hospitals & Private hospitals
  • Healthcare associations, and
  • Businesses providing products/services to healthcare businesses

Why clients engage us

We advise medical and healthcare businesses on their risks and create insurance programs suited to their particular needs. We understand insurance ‘fine print’ and work on our client’s behalf to negotiate broad cover at a competitive premium.
We all hate call centres, ‘pressing 5’ to find the right department or speaking to multiple people to find someone with authority to make a decision. Our clients receive a dedicated account manager to speak to – from risk and insurance advice, to arranging insurance, to advocating for them at claims time.
We have access to many insurers and products so we can source the right solution for our clients.
We guide clients through the insurance maze – so they can get on with running their business. Our duty is to our client – not the insurer. Most importantly, at claim’s time, we are the client’s advocate, ensuring the insurance company lives up to their promise to pay valid claims.